9 Keys To Unlock The Profits In Your Practice by International Optician Conor Heaney, Founder of the Optical Success Academy and Director of Jones & Co Styling Opticians

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Founder of Optical Success Academy, Conor Heaney runs one of the most successful practices in the world with an average average dispense value of over £1200 which is the the highest in the country and over 5X the industry average.

Through his unique strategies he has helped hundreds of independent practice owners to transform their practices, make more money and have more freedom and time off.

He is a respected and sought-after international practice growth expert, optical industry leader and influencer.

Our Success Stories...

"Over 35% Growth with OSA"

“If I think about what my practice looked like before I joined OSA, to what it looks like now, it’s incredible the journey we’ve taken. OSA has given me the confidence to transform my practice. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do it without OSA.

Kelly Wright, Owner 
The Wright Eyewear Company
Sidcup, Kent

"I have been amazed at the results!"

Since joining OSA my staff are better trained and motivated, we no longer assume what people will or wont spend, we have upgraded frame ranges, we use OSA marketing pieces and more. And our clients love it -we have 124 five-star Google reviews.
I have been amazed at the results!

Leanne Harker
The Village Optician
Snodland, Kent

"Average Dispense Increased from £240 to over £600

With Optical Success Academy we’ve had tremendous growth over the last five years. The specific OSA strategies that we’ve used have been very successful.  Average dispense value before OSA was around £240 and we’ve increased that to today over £600.

Deepak Oberai
Albert Road Opticians

"ADV has gone from £109 to over £300 and turnover is up over 59%

My initial thought was that OSA was not for my type of practice. But I needed to do something to set my practice apart from all the others around me so I somewhat fearfully joined OSA. Today our average dispense value has gone from £109 to over £300 and turnover is up over 59%. 

Shockat Patel, Sask Optics, Leicester

"Increased turnover, profits and time off!

With Conor’s help over the last 5 years we’ve grown our average dispense value from £200 to £800. Our turnover has increased hugely, profits have increased and I now can have more time off too. And we’re continuing to grow this year!

Rachel Murray
Rachel Murray Eyecare
Sligo, Ireland

"Within six months we’d increased sales by 22%."

After 10 years in business our sales and income had never matched our potential. Marketing and sales were not my forte. I joined OSA thinking ‘what have I got to lose?’. Within six months we’d increased sales by 22%. And we’ve continued to grow since then. As a team we are happier, more motivated and itching to get better all the time!

Stephen Olwell,
Stephen Olwell Opticians
Longford, Ireland

"OSA is one of the best business decisions I ever made!"

Jim Bottomley
Bottomleys Opticians

"Our average transaction value has gone from £180 to £435."

In November 2017 we purchased a 50-year-old practice in an affluent suburb. We clumsily tried to make changes, resulting in no increase in profits, a frazzled and confused team, and a whole lot of frustration. Then we discovered OSA! We now have a happier, better trained team and happier and better clients with loads of positive feedback about how the practice looks and how the new experience feels. Our average transaction value has gone from £180 to £435. Plus this year we topped our best ever month by 41%. Whilst we still have a lot to do, the changes we’ve made so far have brought so many positive results, and it’s great to see the practice finally moving in the right direction.

Stephen & Catherine Carr
Summers Indpendent Opticians

If You Are The Owner Of An Independent Opticians And You Desire More Time, Less Stress, More Professional Fulfillment, And More Turnover…

You have found one of the most complete resources for optical practice marketing, sales processes, practice management, and personal growth anywhere. Conor Heaney’s optical marketing strategies and business growth strategies have been helping independent opticians achieve record growth since 2014.

Conor Heaney has studied what works in the eyewear and eyecare industry not just in the UK but in the US, Europe and Autralia.

What he brings to independent practice owners is an entirely new model of success based on what the top practices in the world are doing along with his own unique systems refined and tested in his own practice.

Today, as well as running one of the most successful practices in the UK, with over £1.3 Million turnover, an average dispense value of over £1200, 80% conversion rate and 40 % multiple pair ratio, he runs Optical Success Academy, the largest coaching organisation for independent opticians in the UK 15 countries worldwide.

OSA Brings You A New Model Of Success For Your Practice.

The Only Coaching Organisation For Independent Opticans, Operated by a Optometrist Practice Owner Who Is Running One Of The Most Successful Practices in the World

Optical Success Academy is the only international coaching organisation for independent opticians where you get to ‘look over the shoulder’ of one of the world’s top producing practices, with members across the UK, Ireland and 15 Countries Around The World.

Learn what 95% of all practice owners don’t know and never will find out about the NEW and PROGRESSIVE way to operate an independent practice. Take the first step and request your free report below.

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